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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Next Champion from Esperanza Imports

  1. Honesty and Integrity 100% of the time

  2. Prior to selling any horse we keep them in our care to ensure we know their ins and outs

  3. Double Independent Vetting – Europe and the US

  4. Independent Drug Testing

  5. We take the guess work out of importing by personally going to Europe and sorting through the good and bad to find only the best

  6. Training, Training, Training – We have Top US Trainers that understand what is needed to create champions

  7. Humane Treatment of Our Horses 100% of the Time – our horses are treated like private show horses not like your typical sales horse

  8. We partner with only top notch/reputable breeders and dealers in Europe with impeccable reputations

  9. No expenses spared – our horses get the best of everything from feed, vet work, farrier, training, and constant love & attention!

  10. We ensure our horses will be junior/amateur friendly by having junior or amateur riders show them in all rings at all levels before sale