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Our Location

Our horses are located at the beautiful Saddle River Equestrian in Chestnut Ridge NY, run by owner Jessica Smith. Located just 23 miles outside of Manhattan the location is great for anyone to come try our horses. Saddle river Equestrian is a full service show facility where our horses are taken care of by the best grooms, management and trainers around. We treat them as a part of the family not as your typical sale horse. They are cared for on full service and get shod, routine vet work, dentist, etc whenever needed. We cut no corners when it comes to our horses. Saddle River Equestrian has a large show program where they take our horses with trainers Randi and Shelby Cashman to the top shows up and down the east coast to get our young horses acclimated and ready to walk into the show ring and win upon their purchase or lease from us. Please come by to visit our horses and set up a trial on one of these superstars.

Saddle River Equestrian